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Hello All!
Finally sticking to my word and bringing you this post after a long while but I will be posting every Wednesday from now on as I have lots of ideas and inspiration.
But it's a really important one and I need the blogging community to really help me spread this post around.

I'd had a very boring summer and I'm a naturally creative person and always enjoyed art at school but since starting college, I had no way of getting crafty.
Then I popped into my head that I could start creating handmade cards and try sell them. I set up a facebook page: and although it's only been a month, I've had a few orders, I have a couple of events planned and even set up a competition with a local business.

I would love to expand into instead of selling locally but more further a field and I was pleased with the audience I had when writing my blog last year and I thought that blogging could really improve my business.

So here's what I'm asking all of you!
Please check out and maybe even like my Facebook page (I would LOVE to reach 100 likes by the time I'm starting college. I post pictures regularly of products you can buy and over the next month or so to some people's delight and others... well maybe not, I will be bringing out a lot of christmas/halloween treats.

Like the photo of the card you like the best on my facebook page. This will give me sort of a survey to see which is most popular so I can make it in bulk.

Enter my competition! All you have to do is like, share and comment on this post and you won't believe how far it goes with every share. I live in Yorkshire and this post was reaching the facebook newsfeed's of people in America! (Wow) AND if you've already liked the page, your just a share (and a comment or like just because privacy settings can stop me seeing your entry) from being able to win some sweetie goodies and a card designed by me.

And finally, follow me on my social medias, share your thoughts, comment on this blog, I'd love your thoughts.

If you know of someones birthday, wedding, christening, dance exam, maybe a friend has done something kind for you, maybe your friend is leaving for university/college - anything! Consider buying a handmade card, I am willing to make anything and in the end I think it gives a more personalised, thoughtful message.

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 4 January 2016


Today's post is all about the top 5 beauty products I have been using throughout December, some which i have only just discovered and some old favourites I buy again and again! Depending on how helpful you guys feel this is, I may do this monthly or either do my top 5 of something else, who knows! Some of you may have used these before and not like them but I am open to all opinions in the comments.

So, in no paticular order....

#1 - Bourjois Liner Feutre by Bourjois Paris - £6.99

I live by this eyeliner! Unlike some other eyeliner felt tips i have previously used, the tip doesn't become all fluffy as it starts to run out and it still stays thin and precise until it runs out. It is longlasting, it will stay on all day and I've found that it doesn't smudge that easily. It last longer and i personally find it much easier than liquid liner which I am terrible at! It is also good value for money and affordable.

#2 - Rimmel London Wonderfull Mascara - £7.99

I have had this mascara for a while and it never lets me down. My eyelashes are ridiculously short to the point i feel like i have none without make up! (Okay maybe a slight exaggeration there meg) But this helps alot! They're lengthened My lashes stay individual and long rather than all thick and clumped together like some other mascaras I've used and again it lasts ages and it's affordable!

#3 - Mac Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick 04 

Now this is actually the first mac product I have got and i actually received this lipstick from a friend at college as a secret santa. I have never thought of myself as a lipstick person but I was pleasantly surprised by this product and it has come in good use ever since. Unfortunately when i tried to find a price for you all, i learnt that this must have been an old collection and I don't think it is available in Mac stores anymore but Im sure that there is a similar colour. I have infact found it on Ebay though and it was $25 which is about £16.95 so it is still out there somewhere!

#4 - Bourjois Paris Air Mat Foundation - £9.99

This certainly isn't the cheapest foundation around but it is far from being the most expensive on the market. I only recently bought it but so far I'm liking it. I've previously tried another bourjois foundation which is the Healthy Mix one (think that's it's name) which is meant to be better for your skin. I do like that one but sometimes it can leave my face shiny as i have quite oily skin so decided to go for a matte one. At the moment I don't think I'm getting to see the full effect of this foundation but I do think that's down to my skin not being so great (hate you hormones!!!) But i do like it and i prefer it to other brands I've previously used.

#5 -  Ted Baker blush/highlighter set from the Ted Baker Sparkle and Shade set - £22 -£25

This was another product I received on christmas day which was infact part of a ted baker gift set. I don't think it is available individually and I'm not sure where it was bought due to it being a christmas present but it is on Ebay if anyone is interested. I think the exterior looks expensive and classy and I find it hard to use because I feel like it looks too fancy to use for going out to the shop or college haha! There are 3 gorgeous shades to combine into the perfect illuminator and blusher. The set even came with a lovely blusher brush which is also the same colour scheme which is a bronzey/rose gold kind of colour! 

I hope you liked my first beauty post of 2015! Let me know your favourite make up products in the comment or if you've got any recommendations!

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Friday, 1 January 2016


So after an incredibly busy year which turned me into the most unorganised person EVER, i finally got my act together and decided that i want to blog and i want to provide you all with at least an interesting 2 minute read during the week and between doing my A-levels i want to be able to tell someone what i’ve been getting up to so there you go! Whether I’m a good blogger or not (not had a good start lets be honest) I suppose it is a good way of documenting my life and meeting new people and bloggers! 

Amongst my realisation hitting me in 2016 which has made me want to do something productive and become a more organised 17 year old girl, I also spent the first day of 2016 tidying my bedroom inspiring this post which is a room tour for you all! you wont have seen the state it was in before but i can assure you it was an absolute mess! I adore my room just because it is my own tiny space and just the right size, i doubt i could keep a bigger room tidy because i struggle even with mine! 

 Although I am now 17, i still feel the need to have a space for stationary, notebooks, felt tips, post it notes, even felt tips! I love how they slot into the cupboard which doesn't have a door on anymore so it's basically an open shelf. The owl contains last years 'happy memories' which I hope to do again!

 As soon as you enter my room you will see above my desk this lovely IKEA set of shelves which contain a mass of random things - I call it my shelf of many things. It contains candles, diffusers, little keepsakes and kinder egg toys from when i was younger (don't judge) and a sweetie jar to name a few! I'm quite the nostalgic person!
You know when you arrange your perfumes and they look like a cute family photo all organised and presentable...yeah haha

I FINALLY got round to arranging my make up properly. My desk below my shelves is handy as it opens up into a little dressing table with a mirror and separate compartments so i can keep my make up out of sight and safe.

My recent additions (still require name ideas pls) my two little fishies in their tank bought by my twin sister for christmas, such a unique present idea!

Owls seem to be the theme of my room and i had no intention for this so please don't think I am obsessed with owls!

Just a simple basket to keep all my soap and shower stuff in!
here is a view of my little room! It may be small but i love it to pieces. Lets see how long i can keep it tidy haha!

Thank you very much for reading! If you have any post requests please feel free to comment them below, I am open to any ideas! If you would like me to read your blog then comment the URL and i will be sure to check it out. Also please feel free to share my blog with your friends!

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Thursday, 8 January 2015


Well hello it's been a while.
that is becoming a well used phrase but not anymore! Santa brought me my FABULOUS macbook air and i rarely part with it which means i have no excuse to not post. I am going to be trying to post once a week at least and my main day i will upload will be a thursday so you know what to do, click that follow button so you know when i've uploaded! (I'm just kidding but feel free to haha)

This weeks post is my SKIN CARE ROUTINE. I recently was forced to purchase something for my skin as it was absolutely terrible! I used to have a fair amount of spots during year 8, 9 and 10 and i wouldn't class it as acne but yeah, they weren't the best. I think that was probably down to two things - 1) I used to eat everything that isn't good for you and that has an impact on your skin quite bit and 2) I used to plaster the popular foundation brands over my face and i didn't really have a clue how to use it properly!
Nowadays, i shower everyday which means my skin is quite clean. HOWEVER, i am a victim of oily skin with an absolute pain! and not being too graphic, I can tell when my period is on it's way because my face becomes a spot holiday destination and i have a massive breakout. So i thought, enough is enough I'm going to find something for my skin which will not only keep my skin healthy but will also stop it being so oily.

I scanned the shelf and me being me, I was attracted to a face wash by Clean and Clear, mainly because of the bright blue and green bottle! I've seen alot of adverts by clean and clear before but i always got scared to try it as i've used Simple before and me and that brand do not go together. But as it was on offer at £2 i couldn't resist. I have been using this for a week now and i LOVE it. It leaves my skin feeling cool and fresh and has cleared up my skin considerably which is what it says on the bottle! 

In Uk stores if anyone is interested, they are sold at:
-Sainsbury's         -Asda          -Tesco         -Boots          -Superdrug

I honestly recommend you try this product for yourself and if you have do, tell me what you thought below!


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thanks for reading if you did. comment below any post suggestions, questions, complaints, whatever! 

Megs x

Sunday, 7 December 2014


now I'm sure a lot of you are aware that I have not posted in 2 months and I am ashamed. Everything has happened in these 2 months, my laptop has officially died, I've been having job interviews, I've been doing my personal statement, working but now I can tell you that my present this Christmas is a macbook so I have no excuse but to post to you guys that want to read my posts which I am so excited about! It also means that I can make my blog look better as I am writing posts on my phone at this very second! but another thing that which has made me feel the need to post is that I am currently doing exams so I thought I would use my experience to come up with a little guide to people who struggle to know where to start when it comes to exam preparation.

NUMBER 1 - get organised! 
as soon as you know what exams you have when and which subjects, make a timetable or if you are given one, highlight which exams you have on that day. I even know people who made a timetable so that when they don't have exams, they can know which normal lessons they have to go to (yawn) and make sure they have the right equipment for that lesson.

NUMBER 2 - attend revision classes! 
if you are lucky enough to have teachers at your school who will stay back after school and go over what is on the exam then go! even if you are one of those 'I don't stay back unless I'm in detention innit' kinda kids then still go because you can get all the right info and even extra revision tools like exam papers AND it means when you go home, you can say to your parents who are nagging to know what revision you've done 'well I've done some revision at school with my teacher already' and they'll lay off, trust me 

i hate revising too and usually I would put it off and hope for the best but it is important to revise because it will help you find the way that makes it go in. For example, I revise best by doing mind maps and interactive websites where you're tested and you get a score at the end. Other revise best by making intensive notes until silly 'o' clock in the morning. whichever way you can remember the most, do it as it will affect your grade.

now I am NOT a morning person and I barely have time to eat breakfast. My sister is the opposite and she can't stomach breakfast and never has been able to. But if you have an exam, eat something before hand! It will wake you up and get your brain working and also stop those EMBARASSING tummy rumbles in the middle of an exam.

some of you may be thinking how can she say that? but my sister panics loads before exams and there's no reason to. Obviously you want to get a good grade but panicking will make it worse. my form teacher once showed me this video and it is a rap basically saying that teachers are liars. Your GCSE results are not the end of the world or the start of it either. Low grades will not stop you from getting  your dream job, it may make it harder but it is not the end of the world, I'm going to link the video down below so take a look at it.

I hate to sound so geeky but I am far from being a geek and I just thought I'd play teacher for the day. 
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VIDEO ~ (45 secs if you want to skip to the main part) 

Friday, 3 October 2014


i just want to start this blog with a HUGE apology! there are several reasons why I haven't posted in weeks and I am extremely guilty, believe me! you may have noticed by my mixed up layout out that I do all my posts on the blogger app. This is because my laptop is the biggest pile of **** ever! now now, I shouldn't be swearing but really it is! And then what do I do? I end up with iPhone issues which I have only just got resolved. Not only this but I have recently been busy with college open evenings and job interviews! I think I'm just about organised now and I am so sorry, mainly to Anouska and Beth for posting 3 weeks late! I am going to catch up on all my posts this weekend so hopefully I'm either going to be caught up or only one post behind which will be uploaded midweek. Now back to the post...

when i first read the post titles, this one stuck out because I have actually been dieting myself since March and I feel that I have a little experience which can help me suggest healthy and scrummy foods to you all!

My recipe is MINI QUICHES! 
You will need...
- slices of white bread (I usually do 12 because they're only little!)
- butter
- 2 eggs 
- some milk (you will only need a tiny drop!) 
- cheese! whichever sort takes your fancy!
- another filling(s) so ham, mushroom, tomato etc.
- a muffin/bun tray
- a measuring jug
- a rolling pin!
- a circular biscuit cutter

How do you make it? 
1) use the butter to grease your tray, ready for when you're going to put them in the oven!
2) cut the crusts off each slice of bread and gently roll them out 
3) use a circle-shaped biscuit cutter (I think that's what they're called!) To cut a circle out of your now flattened slices of bread.
4) Put a layer of butter over each of your circles!
5) lay the circle over the tray and press down to shape it into the tray so you have a little crust.
6) in the centre of your little quiche shaped bread circle things, put in your cheese and whatever other toppings but not too much for now!
7) take out your measuring jug and crack two medium sized eggs! whisk to break the yolks before adding a splash of milk and a pinch of pepper! 
8) pour the mixture into each of the quiches and add more cheese and toppings if required!
9) place the tray into the oven and cook at 180 degrees max. Cook for 5/6 minutes at a time until our bread starts to go a bit golden!
10) take out of the oven and try one, they are best warm! 

This may not sound too healthy but they are lovely for a light tea with a side salad (not all 12 though!) 

Let me know if you've ever done anything like this before in the comments! Don't forget you can keep up with me on twitter (@MeganLucyBlogs) and Instagram (@meganlucyblogs)

I'm sorry for letting you all down!
-Megs x

Sunday, 7 September 2014


its that time of week again where I try to read everyone's posts in one night and I end up staying up way too late! This Monday for the #teenblogseries, we have been asked to share our favourite highstreet store and a few of our favourite clothes from that store. It's an easy pick for me I must admit. 
My favourite clothes store in the whole entire world in NEW LOOK 
it makes me smile just thinking about it. I just love the modern decor in the shop and everything product on those shelves. So here's my favourite products as follows...(there may be half my wardrobe in this) also, I am NOT a photographer so sorry for the not so fancy pictures. 

My first pick is this dark red/maroon coloured jumper. I bought this last year for winter so I doubt they'll sell it now but it's jumper season so there'll be something similar I'm sure! It is THE comfiest jumper ever and I don't think it cost more than £20! It also has a little cute star at the bottom which doesn't fail to impress me (cos I'm like that) this jumper goes really well under Parker style coats as well for that winter look.

The next two I am doing together just because I love them equally but even more when they are worn together. I especially love the detail on the bottom of the black top and also the detail on the leggings. The leggings are extremely comfy and are new out so I'm sure you'll be able to get a pair yourself! this outfit is quite nice because with a nice pair of shoes you could wear it for a meal out or a family occasion but also it could be worn on a trip to the cinemas or shopping! 

 Now there's a good reason why I have got a picture of these shoes off the new look website rather than my own - white shoes don't stay white for very long...

now if you're like me, I wear converse everywhere! And I am a sucker for white shoes! but they don't stay white for long and converse is about £50 a pair. With these, they are a Tenner! I am probably on my 5th pair from new look and I have spent as much as I would on ONE pair of converse. the best thing is is that they sell them in the normal shoe department but also in the kids department which I thankfully still fit into (and they have watermelons inside!!!!) 

And last but definately not least, something a little more girly...
(Ignore the school socks) 

This is my favourite ever dress and I hope that it fits me as I grow up because I L.O.V.E it. I went shopping last year for a dress for my best friends party and saw this after spending all my money. I have to admit I was so gutted because I tried one in on the shop and everything. I then went through the terrible time of struggling to find it in a closer store or online. Fortunately it is and even if I do grow out of it or it gets ruined or something, I will be keeping it.

that's it for today's teen blog series post! feel free to link yours below or if you have any of these, let me know in the comments so I can get excited!
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Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar and Beth have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to get involved